Welcome to Critical Mass…

Let’s start with introductions.  I’m a mess.  I’m full of crap and all sorts of other things (plentiful organs?).  My preference is to have fun adventures every day but I have degrees and a job and responsibility and people who work for me and a house and a car and a retirement account.  I’d love to be cliché and say that I just woke up one day and realized this – but I didn’t.  I watched it happen in slow motion and had lots of questions along the way, yet couldn’t find the answers.   Why?  I rarely did anything “normal.”

Just got lost in it.

I’m working on a plan to free myself of a lot of this, after completing my obligations.

But I digress….shall we continue?

This is me:snw mtn summit

This was my cat, Edd (he died last year):

This was our shared disdain for one another:


This is my girl:

Beauty and the Beast, either way.

Beauty and the Beast, either way.

These are our dogs, Gary and Knysna:

Gary and Knysna.jpg

This is my Bike (notice emphasis via capitalization):

Remedy 7 2009

2009 Remedy 7, X-Fusion Slant, WTB KOM rims on Hope Pro II hubs, XT hydros

If you’re interested, my research team has a blog for our work.  I’m a wildlife ecologist, but that’s another story for some other time.
What you can expect from me / this blog:
  • I’m a Mountain Bike nut.  For better (always) or worse (often).  I’ll review all things bike related (parts, gear, places, people, events, trails)
  • We make our own in-house fermented happy drinks, so I’ll share that adventure with you
  • As we plan our trip around the world (or as far as we actually make it before we find our own little paradise), I’ll pass on information and advice that we learn
  • Whatever else I see fit to put on here (that’s the extent of a disclaimer that you get).
Enjoy, search the archives, or get lost.  And as always, thanks for listening.

About RCS

An interested, often crass fellow. Likely found on a bike or wandering in a seemingly aimless fashion in the woods. Use caution when approaching, as the subject is known to be oblivious, and at times obnoxious.
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