There’s plenty of room for all, but there’s plenty of drama as well…


auburn-bike-park-loves-equestriansOk, this won’t be the prettiest post, but I’m a blog novice and I wanted this “cause” to get the “re-post” props.  Auburn is about 1.5 hours south of where I live and has amazing trails, and a LOT of riders (also close to Downieville).  This is also the only area I’ve been to in Cali (though I’m sure there are more) where I might come across equestrians – Hidden Falls Regional Park.  I have NEVER had a conflict with a horse, and my girl loves them and wants one (or more) one day.  To see groups arguing about stuff like this is frustrating.  I fully support this venture, especially after reading documentation on BOTH sides.  The ACES equestrian group just seems to be grasping as straws to shut this venture down.  You can read the whole article following whatever link survived in the RePost jumble at the bottom of this post.  It contains both the bikers point of view and the official documents provided by the ACES group. You can also link to the petition page.  If you have an opinion, I’d love to read about it in the comments.  I have my own opinion, but for an issue like this I’m far from comprehensive in my understanding.

Here is the PinkBike page where I learned about this (I love seeing local stuff on an international site!).
Site photo

Equestrian Group Pushes to Move the Auburn Bike Park (via

Auburn Area Parks and Recreation District (ARD) approved the Auburn Bike Park at the Maidu Drive location, but some equestrians are organizing and trying to move the pump track to Regional Park. The Action Coalition for Equestrians – Sierra Foothills…



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