On One 45650B Bike Build: Part 1.1 (assembling the parts)

I have some of the parts.  Talk about being Giddy.  I have the frame, Revelation 150mm Solo Air fork, Reverb Dropper post, headset, and wheels.

The frame is an 18″ On One 45650B, and was delivered promptly by the US distributor Planet X.  I have it in my head to build this with as much black as I can:



With the market pumping out so many new bikes ideas and refining technologies, there were a couple reasons for choosing this frame and this company.

  1. I know and trust the company and their frames
  2. 44mm headset means I can run a tapered steerer tube fork, pretty much standard these days for longer travel
  3. 30.9mm seat tube, means I can run a dropper post.  I never had one till last year, and now I don’t really want a bike without one.  You can raise and lower it while in motion, making the ride overall more enjoyable and dynamic.

The only real downside I see to this frame, and it could bite me in the ass later, is that the derailleur hanger is not removable, and is part of the steel on the frame.  Bend it too bad, and the frame is shot.  That said, I’ve had three of these now (just build on On One Inbred for Wifey), and never had this problem.  BUT – it will only take one time to ruin things.

I had a friend at a local shop, North Rim Adventure Sports, build me a set of wheels, with the Hope Pro II EVO hubs I’ve grown to trust, and we used a set of Sun Inferno 27 rims.  I have never used Sun rims before, let alone in a build, but there were special circumstances that sent these my way, and I therefore did not argue.  Rubber is by way of Continental X-King 2.4s.  Never used Continental tires either, but again, this is partly an exploration of concepts and I’ve heard great things about their tires.  Plus, 2.4?  YOU BET:

You can look forward to my thoughts on both tires and rims in the future.

Ethan and Dirt Merchant handled the rest of what I have on hand, sending me a 2014 RockShox Revelation 150mm RCT3 Solo Air fork (in lovely black, now featuring the DIG Valve), RockShox Reverb Dropper post, and a Cane Creek 40 Headset:

Headset came with the wrong lower cup, and a quick email had the right one in the mail pronto.  Should arrive with my next (and last) batch of parts.  CUSTOMER SERVICE MATTERS.  Thanks man.

My garage makes me smile:

The Man Cave

The Man Cave

Drivetrain, brakes, and cockpit should arrive this coming Friday.  I’ll post some unpacking and then lay out how the build will go.

  • Cranks: Shimano ZEE 170mm w/ RaceFace Narrow/Wide 34T ring
  • Brakes: Shimano SLX, 180mm front / 160mm rear
  • Cockpit: RaceFace Atlas 65mm stem, Specialized bars I already had at 725mm, RaceFace Half Nelson grips
  • Drivetrain: SRAM X7 rear derailleur and shifter, X9 chain and cassette

Questions, comments, thoughts?  Drop me a line or post a comment!  Even if you feel I missed something or you just want more info on something. Thanks.


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