On One 45650B Bike Build: Part 3.0 and 3.1 (first 2 rides)


That feeling, after a good ride, after two good rides.  Adrenaline subsiding, cool wind rustling the fresh blades of spring grass, sunlight slivering through the trees onto the damp clay soil of the trail.

It’s that sensation washing over you, no, pouring out of you, that everything might just be ok – for one more day, until the next ride.  It’s strange to imagine life as flashes of time between rides, but that’s the way my life has evolved.  I don’t mind.

Shit, anyway, sorry.  We’re here to see how this bike build turned out, not to hear me wax philosophical about what I do to keep my life in order.

Well… the new bike……Amaaazing!

This bike screams downhill, and being a hardtail, climbs like a GOAT.  I think that’s what I’ll name the bike (yes, I name my bikes) – Darth Goat.

After being on a 6-inch travel full suspension, leaning more towards a mini-DH rig, it’s hard to formulate a good description here.  It just floats, it’s light, snappy pedaling, but you have to finesse it more than hammer it through stuff.  It’ll be a process (no pun intended) to learn how to float through rougher trails on this.  But I’m ready for it.  BRING IT!

The first two rides were spent at the Lake Oroville trails by the dam in Oroville, CA.  Pretty smooth, narrow double-track, though with some chattery rock sections.  I thought for the first ride (ended up being two, more on that below) I wanted something smoother and with some sustained climbs and fast descents with a chance to figure out how to move the bike in chop.

So yesterday was misting but cleared up for the first ride.  After having the wheels built and sitting around for two weeks, they were low on air and I didn’t have a floor pump so used an old half-busted Crank Brothers pump.  Continued on the ride and was really loving the hustle and flow of this bike!

I don’t have a GoPro or anything, and haven’t had anyone to ride with due to my odd work schedule, so you’ll all have to deal with scenery and bikes leaning against things.

Alright, moving on.  Coming down dead cow, see a little lip and boost it.  Yeah yeah I know – I’m on a hardtail after riding a plush full-susser.  Land off-center (as I am oft want to do) and POP!!! goes the rear tire.  Pressure too low, rolled it right off the bead.  Damn.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway.  Walked out, didn’t have a tube.  Ah well.  Went back at it today, great results.  Blasted down Dead Cow and around the whole loop.  The bike is fantastic, and I think it’s going to be a great bike and will help me with my skills.  Not sure it’ll do Downieville, but I’ll find out later this summer!

The bike balanced perfect, it’s very easy to figure out where to have your weight in different scenarios.  The Revelation tracks well, considering the flex so often talked about with 32mm stantions, 15mm axle blah blah blah.  The bike just rips.  Some chatter, of course, it’s a hardtail.  But this bike can float in those few minutes when my body meshed with the bike and the trail.  I really wonder about the need for full suspension in many of the scenarios I ride in.  Gotta learn to keep the tires pumped, and how to boost a hardtail.  But learning new skills is part of the fun and joy of riding.

Thanks again to Ethan at Dirt Merchant Cycles, North Rim Adventure Sports, and Planet-X / On One bikes.  Great ride!

Stay tuned for the bottling of home made hard cider, prepping a new batch of Meade, and some philosophy on biking.


About RCS

An interested, often crass fellow. Likely found on a bike or wandering in a seemingly aimless fashion in the woods. Use caution when approaching, as the subject is known to be oblivious, and at times obnoxious.
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3 Responses to On One 45650B Bike Build: Part 3.0 and 3.1 (first 2 rides)

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  2. Tim Norris says:

    Looking at one of these – how is the BB height? Only negative I have read so far from reviews?


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