45650B part 4.0 – Selling my Baby and Welcoming a New Love

Welcome back!  Thank you!

Been a while, lot of changes going on.  I have drastically changed my role at my wildlife job, and will be focusing more on my bike job.  Too long of a story and with too many dangerous associations to explain here.  This next part of life will suit me much better.  Hey, we all gots needs yo.

Part of this change is I can no longer keep two bikes.  Finances and my upcoming union to a woman far better than myself (no, that’s not saying I’m a woman…jeez, middle school much?), and our long -planned extended honeymoon across the globe mean money needs to be funneled to different places.  So the beloved 45650B that has generated over 70% of this blog’s traffic must go.  I have another bike, a 2014 Santa Cruz Bronson alloy, that can do more in a greater number of places I usually ride, plus my shop sells Santa Cruz, so it helps my position there that I’m repping something we sell:

This leaves poor Darth Goat in need of a new home.  Tons of you guys have been here to look, and I don’t really see anything wrong with selling a bike that has gotten so much attention.  It can be seen on its PinkBike selling page.  I really hope someone has been enamored of this bike, and wants to give it the ride time and attention it deserves.  If you’re new here you can see the buildup at the following pages:

This bike has been a lot of fun, and, frankly, taught me to ride better. Contact me if you’re interested.

Next up: I’m currently making 8 gallons of Meade.  One plain batch of 5 gallons, and three 1 gallon batches each of a different flavor:

  • local orchard peach
  • back yard harvested native black raspberries
  • back yard harvested non-native blackberries

Stay tuned ya’ll.  It’s about time I added some brewing into this blog.  Tomorrow it gets better: my Dad’s award-winning Oktoberfest recipe (2nd place national Zymurgist competition 1996), making it in time to condition for Oktober (this is as festive as I get….)!



About RCS

An interested, often crass fellow. Likely found on a bike or wandering in a seemingly aimless fashion in the woods. Use caution when approaching, as the subject is known to be oblivious, and at times obnoxious.
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3 Responses to 45650B part 4.0 – Selling my Baby and Welcoming a New Love

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  2. RCS says:

    Please contact me if you are interested in the bike. Pretty sure I can ship internationally after receipt of complete payment. PinkBike if you want get a contact through here. Thank you.


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