Bottling the good Stuff

Short post, sorry for the long gap, lots of stuff coming:

  • Santa Cruz Bronson Alloy review
  • Rockshox Pike air service warranty
  • Cane Creek Double Barrel Air review
  • Brewing another 5 gallons of hard cider

We bottled our Oktoberfest, and I’ll let everyone know how it came out once it has conditioned for a full 2 months.  I took a growler to the shop and let the guys drink it, they said it was great.

But for now, pretty pictures of the meade that we bottled today.  We bottled 4.5 gallons of the honey meade (which is just to say unflavored), 1 gallon each of peach, blackberry, and native CA black raspberry.  This stuff came out AMAZING.  Far and away the best batches I’ve ever made.

So damn Pretty!

So damn Pretty!


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