Chromag Samurai 65 Build pics

I’m tired and I’ve gotten 14 miles on the Samurai. 3 on my little home loop and another 10+ on my “fast” trails in Oroville.  Basically I have to re-learn how to ride a hardtail fast.  But the frame fits amazing, and feels amazing, and the Manitou Mattoc is absolutely unreal.  I really think I like it better than my 2015 Fox 36. Time will tell, as I plan on putting lot more miles on it in the coming weeks.

Build weighs in at 30 pounds even with pedals (I used Shimano M530s, since I’ve been dabbling in clips for the first time), thanks to heavy wheels and tires, as well as those brick shithouse Zee cranks.  I think I’m just going to leave them until I have a reason to change them.  Head angle is a measured 67 degrees static.  If I moved to 150mm it would be 66.6.  Beastly (or insert your own generic devil pun).


I’ll provide a more detailed update on both the Mattoc and the overall bike as soon as I get enough miles.  But at the moment I’m thoroughly impressed.  Need to put less pressure in the rear tire though.  She was BOUNCY.  32 PSI for these first 2 rides.  I’ll likely drop it to 26 PSI and see how it feels.

Till next time.


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An interested, often crass fellow. Likely found on a bike or wandering in a seemingly aimless fashion in the woods. Use caution when approaching, as the subject is known to be oblivious, and at times obnoxious.
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4 Responses to Chromag Samurai 65 Build pics

  1. matt yee says:

    So I’ve been debating the samurai65 for awhile now. The 1550 price tag makes me think twice, especially since they’ve come out with its cheaper younger brother, at half the cost. But your writeup is putting me back on the sam65 track. What a gorgeous frame! Not to mention that I’ve owned countless Taiwan made frames, but never anything made in the US/Can. What size did you get? And what’s the weight on the frame like?



    • RCS says:

      So Matt,

      I never weighed the frame, but the current build (same as before but with SRAM s2200 carbon cranks) is 29lbs – the wheels I’ve got on it are killing the weight race. I will be tearing her down very soon to check for surface rust, etc, and can weigh her then. I got the M/L (18.5″ I think). I’m 6 foot and usually run a full large but for some reason on hardtails I like to run a little smaller.

      I will tell you this: I have never loved a bike the way I do this one. Far and away the most comfortable hardtail (though I’ve not compared it to the overseas production model).

      Good luck on whatever you choose – either one will be the right choice…


  2. matt yee says:

    Thanks man. Your comments mean a lot. 🙂


    • RCS says:

      I would just be thrilled to have a reader of my blog purchase something I love based on what I’ve said.

      Let me know if I can help with info, thoughts, or anything else.


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