Everything in My life Just Thinks for Me: The Commuting Chronicles

To prepare you, I have a short video (copyright of whomever, not mine, blah blah blah):

I have two jobs, one working as a mechanic at a bike shop (and overseeing consignment web sales), and another where I try to use my Zoology MS degree to earn a living and pay off the student loans.  Both of these jobs have heavy aspects connected to a computer and surfing around on the net for things (or on a phone).

It drives me nuts.  It makes me feel the way I imagine an autistic individual feels.  Everything blasting at you at warp speed, and my feeble mind is grasping at bits of information too unrefined to be useful (or too refined to get caught in the sieve).  As such I’ve been attempting the commute from my house to the bike shop:

Going down! Going up!

I’ve noticed two things:  first is the humility associated with showing up to work on a road bike after swearing I would never be caught dead riding on skinnies (though I still wear Mtn Kits), second is a relaxation and mental clarity at work on days I do this commute.  And the hard part is on the way home, at which point I arrive hungry, physically worn out, and, ultimately, ready for a good night’s sleep.  You’d be amazed how much staring at the blue light of a computer all day will disrupt your sleeping habits – not to mention drive you to drink regularly in exasperation at the wide wide world of everything just out there beyond the screen.  I mean, you’re staring at a portal to all the knowledge of the world with all of it at your fingertips, but you’re not out IN the world, experiencing the world, interacting with the world.  It’s kind of silly.

Now, the hour it takes to get to work is mine to think, reflect, and assimilate my morning’s intake (and output) of thoughts and ideas.  And the hour and a half to GET home (all uphill now), I can change my entire state of being, and thinking, while working the good, the bad, and the ugly of the day into those places in my mind where it all truly belongs.

So, no real purpose here, just getting some thoughts out.  If you can, try a commute.  Take a safe route to start with, then mix it up.  My brain thrives on the endorphins cascaded out by moderate exercise, and the free coffee money the shop gives me per day of commuting, and the gas savings (20 miles each way, 40 a day) could lead me to affording a CX style bike to commute on (since I can’t borrow the bosses sweet Carbon Foundry Auger CX bike forever).

Cheers.  Happy Trails.

Bike Work Day

Bike Work Day

And, if you’re having issue with your digital recorders, counterparts, communications devices, location-enablers, ride-enhancers, and/or what-the-fuck-evers, listen to this, and remember that all the things that our bodies drop, leak, excrete, secrete, and let loose through crashes, wrecks, commutes, rides, pumps, jumps, and general two-wheeled madness will take out that com-device and free you for the time you’re willing to let go and JUST BE:


(I love you Alix and Lulu!!!!)


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An interested, often crass fellow. Likely found on a bike or wandering in a seemingly aimless fashion in the woods. Use caution when approaching, as the subject is known to be oblivious, and at times obnoxious.
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One Response to Everything in My life Just Thinks for Me: The Commuting Chronicles

  1. Quan says:

    I love commuting! And agree – that although I’m not 100% comfortable traipsing around town in my spandex – it great to clear my mind, process the day and still get in my workout. I wish that I could do it more!


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