Thursday Night MTB Gatherings 2015 – Short Track Dash

Tim Olson has started his Thursday Night Gatherings in Chico!  This past Thursday was a short track dash at Easter Cross in Upper Park – 18 people participated.  The route wrapped around North Rim to the Bench at Fenceline from the Cross and was 0.6 miles, climbing 96 feet per lap.  20 minutes to get as many laps then one lap to dash to the end.  Lowell Moural dashed the fastest with Hyland Fisher and Chris Devine in 2nd and 3rd.  Stay tuned for more Thursday get-togethers. The format will change with the next expected to be North Rim – B-Trail – Middle Trail XC loop on the 28th of May!

Riders take off at 6:15 (or as soon as everyone we know is showing up gets there and ready) – weather and trails permitting, of course.


Lowell Killing it and showing off with a one-footer!

Lowell Killing it and showing off with a one-footer!


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