The Man, the Myth, the Moron.

Let’s start with introductions.  I’m a mess.  I’m full of crap and all sorts of other things (plentiful organs?).  My preference is to have fun adventures every day but I have degrees and a job and responsibility and people who work for me and a house and a car and a retirement account.  I’d love to be cliché and say that I just woke up one day and realized this – but I didn’t.  I watched it happen in slow motion and had lots of questions along the way, yet couldn’t find the answers.   Why? Good Question.

I now spend most of my time hiking in distant places for long periods of time, wrenching on bikes at the shop, and trying not to give in to the “KOM fetish”.

But I digress….shall we continue?

This is me:snw mtn summit

This is my Lady (now fiancé):


This was my cat, Edd (he died in 2013):

This was our shared disdain for one another:


If you’re interested, my previous job managing field operations for a wildlife research project has a blog.  I’m educated as a wildlife ecologist, but that’s another story for some other time.  I don’t really do much of that anymore.  Working 65+ hours a week, no vacations, for governments that don’t give a shit about your ework or ethics, all for $24k a year?  You better be IN IT.  I was not.

Now I run service for The Hub and Pisgah Tavern.  Less stressful?  No, not really.  Better pay?  A bit, yeah.  Benefits?  Actually, yes.

What you can expect from me / this blog:
  • I’m a Mountain Bike nut.  For better (always) or worse (often).  I’ll review all things bike related (parts, gear, places, people, events, trails)
  • I hope to provide unbiased reviews on bike parts from a working-man’s perspective.  I may now work at a bike shop, but I’m still just a working schmuck and I want to provide that kind of review for everyone.  Parts are expensive, and often reviews I’ve found left me wondering about the simple things.  We spend our hard-earned money, don’t want anyone else making mistakes that cost me.
  • As I work towards fitness goals, I’ll share workout stuff I’ve learned and give my opinions on supplements and gear.
  • My fiancé and I are building a Sprinter Van to trail the country of year.  With a child and a dog.  Check that shiz HERE
  • As we go places that are nifty for travel, work, or fun I may pass on what was there.
  • Whatever else I see fit to put on here (that’s the extent of a disclaimer that you get).
Enjoy, search the archives, or get lost.  And as always, thanks for listening.

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